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Courses are tailored to meet your individual requirements and can therefore take place over one or more sessions. You will learn ways of practically coping with your labour and how to help yourself remain in control of your body using relaxation, breathing techniques and positions. As well as preparing you for labour, you will also be given expert advice on how to care for your body in the later stages of pregnancy and the early postnatal period and how to help relieve pregnancy aches and pains such as pelvic pain in pregnancy.

The sessions are designed to be both informal and friendly with an emphasis on the importance of birth partners, who are welcome to attend each session. The classes are suitable both for first time parents and those parents who already have a child/children and are seeking a useful refresher.

The sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs but can cover:

Care of your body in pregnancy – you will learn about correct posture and back care, how to sleep more comfortably, exercise during pregnancy and learn why your pelvic floor muscles are vitally important. Advice will also be available on how to ease aches and pains such as pelvic pain in pregnancy.

Relaxation – practical session where you will learn relaxation techniques and the reasons why relaxation is important both during pregnancy and labour.

Breathing for labour – learn how to use your breathing to help you feel more in control of your body during labour and how this can be used together with the relaxation techniques previously covered.

Positions for labour – you will be guided through positions that can be used during all stages of your labour and shown how back massage can be beneficial at this time.

Postnatal session – held after your baby has been born, the session will cover how to regain your fitness and show you some simple exercises for your tummy muscles as well as advice to help ease any postnatal discomfort. The session will also give you an opportunity to meet up with the mums from your earlier classes and their babies.

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