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When is the best time to start the sessions?

Ideally the sessions should commence between 30-34 weeks of pregnancy although this will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

Do I need to bring anything with me to the sessions?

It would be useful if you can bring three pillows and a yoga/exercise mat (if you have one) to the second session although mats can be provided if you do not have your own.

Should I bring my partner?

You can choose to come either on your own or with your partner. Partners are very welcome to attend every session and at no extra cost - this can be a friend or relative if you wish.

What happens if I have my baby early?

If you have your baby early, any remaining sessions will be refunded.

How long after delivery is it advisable to attend the postnatal session?

Should you choose to include a postnatal session, it is usually attended around 4-6 weeks after your delivery.

How do I get more information or ask a question?

For more information please contact Amanda via email or telephone her on 07954 170265.