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"I found Amanda to be professional and an excellent leader and facilitator. The information and advice given was concise, relevant and backed up by leaflets that were also in a digestible format. I found the information on breathing techniques and relaxation to be of particular use. The breathing and visualisation made for a more calm and more comfortable labour, whilst the relaxation techniques have proven useful before, during and after delivery. I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone and would not have wanted to go through pregnancy and labour without it. I mean every word. The midwives also remarked how calm the room was compared to rest of the maternity suite!" Sarah

“I have to say thanks to all the advice you gave us, Mark was amazing throughout the labour, helping with my breathing and contractions...he was so good that I didn't even have any pain relief until my last two contractions where a little gas and air was needed!!! Anyway thanks again” Claire

“Just to say that the breathing really helped with the pain.  I was 9cm by the time I got to the hospital and I found the breathing techniques such a help (even though I didn't realise how far gone I actually was until they examined me). I really can't recommend it enough!” Donna

"Excellent course, four antenatal sessions is the just the right length - not too long and not too short. Very good advice for pregnancy, posture and pelvic floor exercises and positions for labour which all came in useful on the day. Excellent follow up session with good advice on recommencing exercise for Mums. Thank you Amanda." (Anon)

"The birth was very straightforward and managed the whole thing without any pain relief, the breathing really worked!  Just wanted to say thank you for all your advice! I'm still in touch with Karen and Louise and we all meet up with the little ones most weeks, so thanks for the introduction!” Laura

"Very informative course - I can't express how helpful it proved during the labour. The techniques I learnt allowed me to go to hospital at 10cm dilated with just a Tens machine. Definately recommended, thank you!" Francesca

"The breathing techniques that you taught us were really useful.  I used the candle technique for breathing and climbing the hill to get through each contraction (I was climbing hills in the mendips with my husband and dog.) Thank you for everything you taught us.” Rebecca

"Really useful and worthwhile course. Nice size group which encouraged interaction and realistic time frame of each session. Really helped to calm me before the labour. Thank you." Aileen

“I enjoyed Amanda’s relaxed style and found hearing other people's experiences very beneficial.” Emily